Shortly after immigrating to the US, Ida Gál-Csiszar established herself as a valued quality control manager at the Johnson & Johnson headquarters in NJ. After working directly with production and the labs, Ida realized that she had a passion for chemistry and color. She decided to enroll in an educational program offered by J&J that would further establish her understanding of an ever evolving industry. An opportunity arose for Ida to move to CA and shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, she landed the role of lead liquid chemist at Max Factor. Robert Salvatore, Max Factor’s lead make-up artist, would often call upon Ida to do her make-up and test out new products. During these make-overs, Ida was able to fully understand how makeup artists wanted make-up to perform. She would then later translate that ideal in her lab, creating products that the general consumer would love and use.

It was through these two leading cosmetic houses that started the beginnings of her career. In an artistic industry that called upon skills to custom design lipsticks according to clients’ needs, Ida was able to gain the respect and of her colleagues as a leader in her field of color cosmetic chemistry. Ida made the difficult decision to leave Max Factor and start her own business out of the garage of her house. With her expertise in chemistry and color, as well as her strong work ethic, Ida quickly grew her small establishment into thriving Cosmetic Manufacturing facility that is currently celebrating 27 years of successful business.

“It was there that a great love affair
with color and texture was born…”

Despite this success, Ida always dreamed of having a line of her own. In December of 2014 this dream became a reality as she launched a curated line of Lipsticks, indicative of where she began, under the name Gállány. By utilizing the most advanced ingredients on the market these lipsticks deliver performance and color that enhance any personality or style. Today the line has grown to include close to 100 sku’s ranging from lip to cheek to face. Gállány is a line that represents beauty, style and elegance. It is based on decades of knowledge in chemistry and art by a lead chemist herself.