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How to Create the Perfect Holiday Smokey Eye

Holiday events are the perfect opportunity to showcase your sleigh skills. Did I say sleigh skills? I meant sla...well, you get the idea. And what better than a standout smokey eye to make a serious statement this season? Find out how to personify holiday glamour by following the five steps below.

Prime Time

If you want your shadow to last all day and night, priming your lids is key. There are hundreds of eyeshadow primers on the market these days, but are they really worth the extra cash? Better to invest in a multi-functioning product like Gallany’s Second Skin Concealer.

Dabbing a small amount of concealer over your lids color corrects pigmentation and acts as an excellent base for shadow. To ensure your blending is smooth from the very beginning, set the concealer with a neutral powder. This prevents shadows from skipping along the lid.

Warm It Up.

Combat the chilly winter weather with your favorite warm hues. Surrounding your eyes with warm shadows creates the illusion of brighter whites by highlighting the cool tones, and thusly bringing out the individual colors within your iris. The blushing, bronze, and crimson colors in Gallany’s Persuede Eyeshadow Quad are perfect to create a multitude of looks, and compliment any and every eye color.

When in Doubt, Smoke It Out.

The old school rule is; eyes or lips. If you’re opting for a nude lip this holiday, make a statement with a smoldering smokey eye. Afraid you’ll take it too far? Shakepeare said, “The Eyes are the window to the soul”, so don’t be afraid to go bold. As long as it’s well blended, it looks intentional. Trust me.

All that Glitters Is Gold.

What better than a gilded glisten to complete your new favorite holiday look? Complimenting mattes with metals is an excellent way to take your smokey eye to the next level. Remember to use a synthetic brush when applying foiled shadows. In addition, you can sprits your brush with a setting spray to further intensify the pigment. If you don’t have a synthetic flat brush handy, your finger tip’s will work just as well.

Lashes Are a Must

Round out the look with sky high lashes. If you’re opting out of flasies, go for a lengthening mascara formula like Gallany’s First Class Lash. Woven with fine fibers and packed with green tea extract and sunflower oil, the First Class Lash Mascara creates the appearance of longer, fuller lashes instantly while improving the development of your natural lashes with continued use.

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