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The 20 Makeup Essentials Every Beauty Blogger Swears By

Beauty bloggers are always giving us another formula to try, look to re-create, or tool to master. There are so many “beauty secrets” floating around the web, we’re beginning to wonder if some of these techniques are just being thrown around to confuse us! Nonetheless, we makeup lovers rely on the authority of the makeup-blogging world to guide us through uncharted territories of the craft. Their selfless dedication to trial and error and long hours of recording tutorial videos is a huge help to those of us trying to learn, but it can be hard to keep up. To make life simple, here is a list of 20 essential tricks and tools most beauty bloggers can’t live without:

A Variety of Foundation: There are a few different reasons for having more than one foundation formula in your makeup bag. When it comes to creating different looks, versatility is a must. Having a couple of different shades is also great for the change of seasons!

A Creamy Concealer: What’s the secret to achieving perfect, YouTube-worthy skin? A creamy, color corrective concealer to erase any trace of dark circles.

A Top-Notch Skin Care Routine: Bloggers might fill their shopping carts with makeup, but they invest most of their money in skin care! When you clog your pores with makeup on a regular basis, high quality skin care products are a must.

Makeup Remover/Wipes: Every makeup maven needs a quick means of makeup removal. If you don’t feel inclined to spend $10 on wet tissues, try your hand at one of these DIY makeup removers.

A Hydrating Lotion: A true Cosmo girl knows that moisturized skin is happy skin. If you really want to transcend your typical look, you’ll need a rejuvenating lotion in your beauty bag.

Bold, Red Lipstick: What perfectly polishes an everyday look? A red lip. The most esteemed vloggers swear by Gallany’s red matte lipstick for memorable pops of color.

Easy-to-Use Eyeliner: If you aren’t a professional, eyeliner can be a pain to apply. Investing in a pointed-tip liner will save you a lot of time (and makeup wipes).

Look-at-me Lashes: Daily falsies are a staple within the beauty blogger community.  If you’re preparing for a night out on the town, they can really amp up your look!

A Must-Have Mascara: Falsies seem like a bit too much? You can still trick people into thinking you’re wearing lash extensions with Gallany’s First Class Lash Mascara.

A Go-To Shadow Palette: Great pigmented eye shadows can change the game. Finding your perfect palette will help you create your signature look.

Make-up Primer: Primer doesn’t just keep vlogger's makeup from sweating off under bright studio lights—it also makes foundation, shadows, and lipsticks look brighter, bolder, and smoother on camera. Sound like a good investment? Definitely.

Setting Powder: All that time spent perfecting your face, only to disappear by lunchtime? No way. A great setting powder helps to keep everything in place all day. - See more at:

Baller Brushes: Not only do quality brushes make applying makeup smooth and seamless, they last much longer than the cheaper, beauty supply brushes.

Shimmering Highlighter: “Glowing” has become the biggest makeup trend since powdered noses. Looking for the quickest way to get your shine on? Shop Gallany Cosmetics’ collection of face palettes.

Beauty Blenders: These soft, spongy balls of joy are the ultimate blending secret. Use the side of the beauty blender to feather in foundation and the corner tip to highlight along selected areas.

A Blushing Bronzer: For a quick pop of color that’ll give your face some life, instill your trust into one of Gallany’s Cheek and Face Duos.

Powder Foundation: Even if you’re a liquid foundation type of chick, a quick dust of powder foundation will help lock in your color.

A Signature Lip Gloss: To create softer looks, you’ll need a sweet gloss. Gallany’s Lucite Lip Gloss plumps your lips with the perfect shine.

Eyelash Curler: Ever wonder why makeup vlogger's lashes seem to stretch out for miles? It’s simple: They don’t skip out on curling their lashes!

Exfoliating Wash: While skincare routines vary, every beauty blogger will agree that exfoliating is a girl’s best friend! Regular exfoliation will wash away excess product and leave your skin with a natural, subtle glow.

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